Large bone defects caused by trauma

      Large bone defects caused by trauma, tumors,and other causes has been a problem that plagued orthopedic surgeons.Autogenous bone graft,allograft or xenograft bone transplantation, biological materials such as filling in treatment. White bone graft is the most effective methods and the gold standard for treatment of bone defects, autologous bone often can not meet the large bone defect grafting amount, at the same time cause for new bone area trauma; allogeneic or xenogeneic bone transplantation biological material, but are difficult to obtain satisfactory results.

       In recent years the study of bone tissue engineering for bone defect repair has brought new hope. Bone tissue engineering principles to apply engineering and life science and technology to build artificial bone with a biological function, mainly including the construction of three aspects: seed cells, scaffolds, and tissue engineering bone. The mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are ideal seed cells for tissue engineering bone, according to the source of the gene can be classified as autologous tissue engineered bone and allogeneic tissue engineered bone. Main research from body tissue engineering bone, animal experiments show a better osteogenic potential and successful repair of bone defects; clinical trials be successful and achieved good results. But from the bone tissue engineering can not be pre-built, often 3 ~ 4w waiting period and lack limit its clinical application and industrialization. Allogeneic tissue engineered bone to overcome these deficiencies, and to meet with the check with « clinical application purpose.

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