Treatment of bone defects, nonunion

      Bone defects, nonunion is one of the intractable problems of orthopedics. The gold standard for bone morphogenetic protein bone graft is better than the treatment of bone graft – autogenous bone graft, or both, the difference was not significant. In recent years, some researchers at home and abroad has begun to bone morphogenetic protein in bone defects, nonunion patients on clinical research. Bone morphogenetic protein and autogenous bone, allograft bone, the treatment of intractable nonunion excellent healing. Also uses bone morphogenetic protein composite injection of autologous bone marrow promote fracture healing. As the principal investigator of the bone morphogenetic protein and bone xenograft series of studies topics has won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the State Food and Drug Administration Batch, and put into the market for the clinical treatment of bone defects, nonunion patients. FDA has approved bone morphogenetic protein-7 in the United States multi-center, large-scale clinical trials for the treatment of tibial nonunion of bone morphogenetic protein listed as soon as possible to provide experimental basis.

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